Have a sweet tooth? You're not alone! A new study shows Idaho buys more candy than nearly every other state... But what do we love most?

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Instacart released this information and they identified the states who purchase the most and least candy, based on the ratio of candy to not candy and Idaho is definitely buying a lot of candy! So essentially, people go on Instacart and purchase groceries and here in Idaho, as well as our friends in Utah, Montana, Alaska and Washington, we're purchasing more candy per purchase than the other 45 states in the country. Who's buying the least? Well, That would be North Carolina, Florida, New York Connecticut and Iowa. So these stats may not be year round, but they are valid, at least around Halloween time.

So what are we eating the most of? Red Vines! Different studies will give different results but Instacart claims that Idahoans are purchasing more Red Vines than any other candy. Now, I'll certainly take this over the study that showed Idaho's favorite candy being Dum Dums. Yuck. Red Vines, I can get on board with... And if they get stale, they can easily transform into drinking stars... Is this magic? I think so! Anyway, this Halloween, if you're looking to surprise your trick or treaters, maybe don't give them Red Vines because they're definitely going to get some of those from your neighbors, just sayin. And maybe stay away from Dum Dums, even though that study said we like them, we all know they kinda suck (get it? he he).

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