The last couple of years has been rough on everyone. The medical field has been rocked to it's core more than anything. Education has also had to adjust over and over again, often with many disagreements, upset parents, students. Educational, staff, leaders and decision makers have faced various harassments while trying to establish what they feel is the best for students. Many students and parents around the country and certainly here in the gem state have voiced concerns and disagreements especially this year. Now one High School Senior from Boise is stepping up and speaking out in a bigger way.

Lizzy Duke-Moe is an 18 year old Senior at Boise High School and is ready to take on the world, or at least the Boise School of Directors. Like other frustrated students Lizzy wants the voices of her and her fellow classmates to be heard, really heard.

According to The Idaho Statesman, "Last week, she submitted her application to join the Boise School District's Board of Trustees, after former Trustee Alicia Estey resigned last month and created a vacancy. Dan Hollar, the district's public affairs administrator, said he doesn't remember a student ever applying to serve on the board in the past, but he couldn't confirm it's never happened before."

Lizzy wrote, "I have spent the last few months talking to teachers, administrators and students around the district, and the feeling that discussions about district policies do not reflect the truth of the classroom is palpable."

She also has a Board of Trustees email draft circulating with names and contact info for the current members of the Boise School Directors Board and is encouraging individuals in the district, both students and parents to use the draft and email officials encouraging them to put her on the board. Here is the link to that.


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