Wallethub released a study showing Nampa was one of the worst food cities in the country, but residents disagree. See some of Nampa's favorite food spots here!

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The report was released earlier this week and Eat This, Not That shared the story with great detail: "Coming 174th out of U.S. 182 cities in terms of its foodie-friendliness, Nampa—a city of approximately 94,000—didn't earn high marks in terms of affordability or access to diverse or quality food." 174th out of 182 cities puts Nampa in the bottom 9 cities for food in the country, but not the absolute worst. That honor goes to the lucky residents of Pearl City, Hawaii believe it or not! I would've thought they'd have some good fish, but what do I know?

Nampa residents have sounded off about their favorite restaurants and it seems there are some incredible places to eat, according to its residents, here are some of the local's favorites:

There are plenty of great restaurants, the above named are just a few that locals sounded off about. For a city with such a (relatively) small population, the options aren't so bad. One thing to note is that this study is not just about restaurants being good or not, it's about the cost as well. There are a variety of factors that play into it, really

Thanks to Wallethub for the information, see the full report here.

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