What is this powdered alcohol and will we ever see it in Idaho?

It goes without saying that camping is one of the Treasure Valley's favorite summer past times and the creation of powdered alcohol would've made enjoying a cocktail a hell of a lot easier while you're in the woods.

Powdered Alcohol, better known as palcohol, is a powdered version of vodka, rum and three cocktails that packs the same alcoholic content as its liquid versions.  Its creator had hiking, camping and everything outdoors on his mind when he started working on the project.  He simply didn't want to carry heavy bottles of wine, beer or liquor with him on the trails.  All he wanted to do was carry a bottle of water with him.  Adding 6 ounces of water to the 1 ounce palcohol pack produces an instant cocktail.  In addition to rum and vodka, it also comes in Cosmopolitan, Powderita and Lemon Drop.

It's not available in stores quite yet and you may never be able to buy it in the Gem State.  The state legislature passed a bill that would ban sale of this product as a preventive measure.  Lawmakers had the support of the Idaho State Liquor division who said the powdered alcohol can be dangerous because it's small, easily hidden and could be easily abused by teens.

The approved bill awaits Governor Otter's signature.

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