There's no doubt that human trafficking is one of the largest issues facing our society today. I was floored to find out that Idaho was ill-equipped to provide protection for victims of this heinous crime. Thankfully, that's about to change with news that Idaho will be building it's first "safe-house" for victims of human trafficking.

The Solace House will be in an undisclosed location in Boise. The victims will be able to access the Solace House through direct referral case managers. Also, the IATC will have an offsite office space for outpatient services where they can get referrals as well. Referrals can come from the Boise police department, child welfare, parents, or case managers, according to Jennifer Zielinski, executive director for IATC.

The goal of the house is to provide care and social services for victims of trafficking. Since 2007 there have been a reported 433 Idaho phone calls to the National Human Trafficking hotline and an already astounding 13 human trafficking cases already reported this year.


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