People who are like-minded tend to flock together. That's not untrue for the state we live in, either. Oklahoma hates gossip, people in Minnesota hate drinking alone and Nevada hates feminism. Do you fit in with Idaho hating this same thing?

Most people from California are moving here. Yes, most. I mean, I can't confirm this information but let's just assume. Californians, it's okay to continue to hate what you did and still hate what Idahoans do. There's room to be a happy family.

What states love to hate:

  • CALIFORNIA: Fidget spinners
  • FLORIDA: Workout couples
  • OREGON: Spin class
  • NEBRASKA: Friendly reminder emails
  • MONTANA: Going to the gym
  • UTAH: NSYNC (wait, what?)

This is a recent survey, by the way. Is NSYNC still impacting us?

As Idahoans, we all gather together and looooove to hate asking for directions.

I can agree with this.

Every state has a "thing" and HERE is the map.


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