If you're reading this, then you're most likely aware that Idaho is one of the greatest places to live in the world. Beautiful scenery, amazing weather, nice people, we've got it all. So why is our state motto so....meh?

Idaho's official motto:

Esto Perpetua.

Meaning: "It is forever."


What's forever? The traffic? We don't get it.

So did we take it upon ourselves to come up with a new state motto for Idaho? You're damn right we did. Let's get started.


Tot potatoes.

Meaning: "So many potatoes." It's pretty self-explanatory, and straight to the point. We like it.


Aestuosi Aestas.

Meaning: "Sweaty summer." It gets hella hot here. New folks moving here may not be used to their new hotness come August.


Ita Caeruleus Est.

Meaning: "Yes, it's blue." We know it's neat that Boise State's turf is blue. Yes, we've seen it. Yes, we think it's cool too. Good talk.


This next one is a little extreme, but it has to be done:

Tu Es Meretrix.

Meaning: "You are the prostitute." Just in case you were looking for another comeback when someone says "Idaho? No, you da h**!"


Now, are any of these going to get adopted as Idaho's new official state motto? Probably not. However, that doesn't mean we aren't free to use them in everyday conversation like they are official. We absolutely encourage you to do so.

Just be careful saying that last one around your mother. You'll definitely be getting grounded for that. Just sayin'.

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