I know, I know, there's nothing exciting about laws. But did you know that even if you're being extra safe on the roads during the winter--there are rules? I had to look into this today because while I was driving up Parkcenter Boulevard this afternoon, there was a vehicle driving ridiculously slow and making a ton of noise. No, they weren't breaking down...they had snow chains on. Oh, and the road was completely dry. Talk about wear and tear on the road!

If you're driving around town with studded tires on, snow or no snow on the ground, the food news is: you're fine. Studded tires are legal from October 1st through the end of April each year.

Driving on chains? Ada County Highway District officials encourage you to only use those when prominent snow and ice are on the ground--when you actually need that traction.

Find out more on winter road safety and procedures, HERE.

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