The epic battle of Laurel vs. Yanny hasn't even died down yet...and now we've got an even more confusing auditory puzzle to decipher.

This one truly has me triggered. It's pretty simple. Someone uploaded a video to YouTube of a little talking toy. It's probably from Skylanders or something. Honestly, if I wasn't so baffled by this I would've spent more time looking into it. But all my focus is how the heck does this work?

Here's the video. Listen to the toy say "Brain storm"




Pretty simple right? Now he's the same toy, only this time it's saying "Green needle"



Here's the catch: It's the same video. If you want to hear "Brain storm," that's what you hear. Same goes for "Green needle." I've watched this video on loop at least 50 times and every single time I hear whichever phrase I'm thinking of at that second.

This isn't a case of which phrase is this toy saying, because it's clearly saying both! How does this even work? Let us know on Facebook what you hear.

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