It is the destination of anyone who lives in a state that doesn't have one of their restaurants in their town.

Even our friends east of the great river flock to this fast-food mecca. The chain has been the number one most sought-after addition to the growing Idaho fast-food market. They're known for their famous double-double to their delicious shakes, yes we're describing the legendary In-N-Out Burger.  

KTVB reports that the chain has confirmed that they have been scouting several areas within Boise. The chain did say that they plan to have locations in Idaho within the next four years. In-N-Out's leadership explained their Boise/Idaho strategy to KTVB in a letter.


A look at the continued appeal of one of Idaho's favorite fast-food chains currrently not in the state.

Mike Abbate, Vice President of Real Estate and Development: "While we are still in the early planning stages, we have identified several targeted intersections in and around the greater Boise trade area," Abbate said. "We are currently negotiating with a few property owners within those trade areas, in hopes of moving ahead with formal site development applications within the respective municipalities, thereafter."

The company has made national headlines regarding the Biden Vaccination mandate. Their San Francisco store was closed due to failure to follow health restrictions, reports CBS Los Angeles.  The chain began with one store in 1948 in California by Harry Synder. It was the state's first drive-thru burger restaurant.  


You can read about the entire history of In-N-Out Burger here.   Currently, the chain has 286 locations while continuing to expand to more states throughout the country. The chain is in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Oregon.

Idahoans who have driven to the nearest location in Utah, about four and half hour drive, now could soon be enjoying In-N-Out in Boise.  

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