We got this message to our KISS Facebook page, and she said we could share it. A Treasure Valley mom is asking for help to get a Costco shopping policy changed. Here's her message, with personal information edited out:
I was wondering if you could help me with a complaint I have for Costco. I went and stood in line for about an hour and half Saturday to ensure my family could get some toilet paper and other things we needed. I waited until the weekend so my husband could stay home with our daughter so I am not taking her anywhere.
While standing out there freezing, I noticed these ladies just going in all nilly willy. Then I noticed they all had instacart badges on. I was shocked and asked the Costco employee standing outside about it and he said that is a corporate thing, which I understand for him. The instacart shopper was rude as hell all nasty like shouting I'm just doing my job. I never even addressed her or anything as she just walked in. I was super irritated about this.
So I go inside luckily got some stuff we needed and I was talking to the Costco associates as I was checking out and they told me yes they get to shop daily from 6am to 8pm, hmmmmm so better hours than anyone, including their own employees, our elderly, and our medical staff. On top of that you don't even have to be a Costco member to use instacart and get costco stuff. So you mean to tell me they get to everything first, don't have to wait in line, or wait until someone can watch their kids so they can wait in line.
Also the employees told me they are irritated with it too. They are in their way when they are stocking and doing their jobs before and after the stores close. The employees told me to complain because they want it to end too. In fact I posted on Costco's facebook page and they addressed someone asking what instacart was on my post but not to my questions or comments and I had an employee even comment. Here is her comment: Costco employees get 1 morning a week to do our actual shopping for our families from 8-9. The instacart thing just started and let me tell you as a morning stocker, I am NOT thrilled about people shopping while we’re trying to work. I think the instacart is from 6-8 not employees shopping.
I called and they said they would have someone from corporate call me in 2 or 3 days. Next thing I know they had our local Costco manager call me. I told her how happy I am with her employees, her staff, and store. I want you to know how much I appreciate The actual Costco here and the employees. They are amazing. What I don't appreciate is Costco Corporate greasing their pockets and willing to screw anyone over and lie. It just goes to show that they copped out and sent me to our local costco instead of someone at headquarters. Please Help me get answers from Costco.

I can definitely see how this would be extremely agitating while waiting in line. and having others get prioritized access just because they're an employee of a delivery company.
But this also tells me- I seriously need to sign up for instacart delivery. If they're getting prioritized access, does this mean I can finally have a way to actually get toilet paper?
It does seem unfair, though. I wonder if this will be changed as more and more people complain?


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