American Cockroach
Al Barry/Getty Images

There are few things that I'm actually terrified of...cockroaches are one of them.  I don't think I could handle seeing one, let alone many, during the school day!

I was watching our local CBS affiliate last night and they did a story about Borah High School's alleged "cockroach infestation."  They talked to several students that said the gymnasium and weight room is full of them and they're huge.  Some even report seeing them in the cafeteria.

The problem supposedly dates back to the late 80s when two tanks of them were knocked over in the school.  A school district spokesman told the news outlet that Borah doesn't have an infestation problem and they have a plan in place to deal with the problem.  That plan is to spend $2,000 a year to spray for cockroaches.  The cockroaches are breeding in the sewer areas of sump pumps and one single female cockroach can produce 800 babies a year.

We've had conflicting reports from Borah's senior class about how bad the problem really is.  Is it as bad as we're told it is?

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