Maroon 5 or as some women called it the band with the man the myth the legend Adam Levine has given us so many fun and upbeat songs to sing along too over the years like... Sugar, Moves like Jagger, Girls like you, Pay phone and even Don't wanna know is kinda fun - if you are over someone.


I knew the new song was dropping at 9pm so I waited with anticipation and then it happened ... Maroon 5 did something to me that I have no idea how to deal with... Yes I might be acting a little extra at the moment but for someone who loves all genres of music its easy to have an expectation from a certain artist.

My expectation of Maroon 5 was not only violated but completely and utterly destroyed. The first time I listened to the new single "Memories" I thought well this is a fun little beat however within seconds of the lyrics kicking in It made me so SAD. I found myself thinking of all the people that I know and love that I don't see very often. I thought about my friends and family members that have passed. I though about mentors and all the people that have made a positive difference in my life whom are no longer with us. I also had another thought... What is music if it doesn't make us feel anything?


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