It's freezing outside-- that's no secret. While there's no snow on the ground yet, it IS still expected and in these temperatures, any type of precipitation can throw a real kink into road conditions and travel times. Just because your vehicle has 4-wheel drive, doesn't mean you can drive however you want on ice and snow. Oh, and just because you have driven in the snow "for years" doesn't mean you're invincible, either.

Boise Police patrol officers are on a mission to remind you of this and no--they aren't trying to pin you down with tickets amidst the holidays. A special group of patrol units from the Boise Police Department will be on the lookout for vehicles speeding or preforming various traffic violations that are exceptionally dangerous in winter conditions, and reminding them that they know better.

It's a well intentioned effort going on NOW. An important reminder not just to drive safer because police are on the lookout, because we all do better when we all DO, better.

More on BPD's efforts, HERE.

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