Over the past couple of days, Boise started getting a lot more snow. And that’s the thing, it’s only the start.


With more snow and dropping temperatures, that means slippery road conditions and more accidents. That’s why it’s important when you live in Idaho to only purchase winter-friendly vehicles.

A Telsa vehicle owner (who moved from Arizona to Idaho) was driving on some snowy roads between the Idaho and Utah border in his Tesla.


And boy, did he have a lot to say about it. 


Credit: Taylor Brown via Instagram
Credit: Taylor Brown via Instagram


After making this story post, he continued about his experience and warns others who live in cold states like Idaho and Utah should think twice and consider this before purchasing a Tesla.

He said "Telsas' are one of the worst winter cars I've ever driven (and I grew up in Utah)." He continued to mention that he didn't have his cruise control on, was in AWD, wasn't on his phone, and wasn't speeding.

Credit: Taylor Brown via Instagram
Credit: Taylor Brown via Instagram

This isn't the first time Tesla has been criticized for its performance on slick roads. Although, it's important to note that all cars struggle in poor weather.

Here are more reviews and YouTube comparisons that dig deeper into these accusations.

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