Idaho is no stranger to all things weird. Whether it's Bigfoot, lake monsters, or ghosts... Idaho has become one of the premier states to take in the strange and unusual.

One of the most glaring sightings in Idaho history just took place

...and no one noticed. Seriously, when it comes to proof, we like to be skeptical.

That's right, we enjoy it. Contrary to popular belief, we don't like to assume everything that we see on the web is legit. We look at several things when determining the authenticity of the footage. There has to be some logical explanation, right? That's why we try to ask ourselves:

  • Is it a drone?
  • Is it CGI (computer-generated imagery)?
  • Is it a simple aircraft from the Boise airport?

Heck, we even have to worry about another factor: artificial intelligence. That's been something that has changed the entire ballgame and we're even seeing deep fakes of celebrities that are eerily convincing.

The video we came across was posted to YouTube just two months ago (December 1, 2023), and at the time this article was being written, just 19 views. You read that right - just 19.

What makes this one so legit?

We watched this video over and over (dragging the little red line back that is) and we couldn't for the life of us find anything that indicated it was fake.

The video shows us a round ball of light that seemingly has a tail. As it travels through the trees, you can see the light shine through which would be extremely hard to fake.

At the speed it's moving, it could be a drone, but the light is just way too bright, AND... the light appears to change to a greenish color as it leaves the frame.

The tail on the ball of light seemingly rules out a drone unless there's a drone out there that can move that fast and that quietly.  We listened back and it sounds like the video does have sound, there was just no peep in the night sky. If this thing really did fly by that quietly, that fast, and change colors with a tail of light on it... what else could it be besides a UFO?

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If you have any idea as to what this was, please reach out here. We love this kind of thing and are curious if there is a logical explanation behind it.

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