Before moving into a new neighborhood, it's probably a good idea to research the area. What's in the area? How long is the commute to work? How safe is it?

Speaking of safety, are there any meth labs in the area?

You might be familiar with the map tool that shows you if a registered sex offender is living in the area. A similar tool is available thanks to the Drug Enforcement Agency except instead of sex offenders, this map shows you the location of former "clandestine labs."

What is a clandestine lab? The DEA says that is a building that contains "chemicals or other items, indicating the presence of either clandestine drug laboratories or dumpsites."

Essentially - an illegal lab that synthesizes drugs like methamphetamine using hazardous chemicals that could be harmful to the area.

In the database, we found six homes in Utah that were listed as having been the site of a "clandestine laboratory."

What is interesting, at least to us, is how normal these homes appear on the exterior. Some of us would assume that a property that was operating as an illegal meth lab would look rough on the outside or look "shady."

Not these homes!

If you were to pass by any of them, there's a good chance you wouldn't notice anything odd. Not unless you caught a whiff of the hazardous and illegal activity going on inside.

Let's take a look at six houses in Utah that the feds say were operating as an illegal drug lab.

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