The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is going on this week and into the weekend. It began on Wednesday with CapEd Credit Union's Kid's Day giving families the chance to have their little ones experience the magic of hot air balloons. Balloon operators (can we say "balloon drivers"?) give kids the chance to go up in a hot air balloon that's tethered.

Chris C./TSM Boise
Chris C./TSM Boise

So, if the balloons didn't go into the sky on Wednesday... what was THAT?!

The balloon classic is the talk of the Treasure Valley this time of year. Most locals familiar with the event are aware of Kid's Day starting it all off but some people forget that the balloons don't high into the sky that day... plus, with the exception of Nite Glow on Friday, the event takes place in the morning.

Knowing all of that makes the photo sent to us by Tabitha D. on Facebook that much more peculiar. Originally posted in Idaho Weather Watchers, the comment section went wild.

Facebook Reacts to UFOs Over Boise Amid The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic

Someone caught a photo of three unidentified aerial phenomena in the sky after the first day of the Spirit of Boise; here is what people are saying...

There were a total of three objects in the sky that were caught in the photo... what do you think they were?

Tabitha D./Facebook
Tabitha D./Facebook

If it was just one light in the sky, that would be one thing... but the fact that there are three? It's either one massively cloaked object or it's three objects flying in unison.

Regardless, we can most definitely confirm with you that these are not hot air balloons from Spirit of Boise.

It's definitely not the first UFO sighting over Boise this year either, check out the photos we caught over Boise Towne Square Mall...

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