Joe Biden may not be in an ideal position as he begins his reelection campaign. The president will make his State of the Union speech before the entire world Thursday night. Although he isn't facing a primary challenger, many Democrats are voting uncommitted during this year's primary calendar.

The president's team believes that his superior fundraising and record on the economy, energy, and the border will propel him to victory. Former President Donald Trump is not beating President Biden in national polls, along with the swing states of Wisconsin and Georgia. Mr. Biden must carry those states and others if he hopes to be reelected.

Boise Mayor's Big Moments Exposed

A look at Lauren McClean's Boise

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

Although Mr. Biden's chances in Idaho are slim to none, he does have the public support of the Democrat's highest elected official, Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. The mayor made her announcement recently on X formerly known as Twitter.


Despite her setbacks, the mayor was reelected despite the multiple controversies involving the Boise Police Department. The Boise area is awaiting who she will appoint to become Boise's next police chief. Political operatives have told us the mayor has had conversations with Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. Could we see the Biden Administration create a spot for the Boise mayor if he's reelected?

President Biden, unlike President Trump, has visited Idaho. A presidential trip to Boise would certainly embolden the state's beleaguered Democratic Party. We'll continue to monitor this situation and update you as it develops. 

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President Biden Arrives in Boise

President Biden is greeted by protesters during his visit to Boise, Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Kevin Miller

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