As it finally starts to feel more like winter in Boise and the Treasure Valley with recent snowfall and colder temperatures; cool mountain towns and resort spots are once again getting the spotlight.

And when it comes to mountains, awesome small towns, and having fun outdoor activities regardless of the season, we sure know what we’re doing here in Idaho — but which one of our small towns is ranked one of the best mountain towns in America?

According to a popular article from Far and Wide in 2023, Ketchum, Idaho is crowned the best mountain town in the state of Idaho, standing among the best in America.

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Ketchum, Idaho

Elevation: 5,853 feet

Population: 2,827

Here’s what Far and Wide says about Ketchum...

Photo by Fudo Jahic on Unsplash
Photo by Fudo Jahic on Unsplash

Ketchum has once again captured national attention as one of the best small mountain towns in America for charm and scenic adventures. Tucked right up against the mountains, downtown Ketchum invites people to check out its hiking and biking trails when the weather is warm, and to take advantage of the ski slopes in Sun Valley when the winter hits.

A strong competitor when compared to other towns in Idaho and Utah, Ketchum not only has a bunch of cool outdoor activities for every season, but also a strong downtown scene with quality entertainment, dining, and shopping. Far and Wide pointed out that Ketchum's blend of ski shops, museums, and entertainment make it an absolute standout in America. Now, this is from 2023's list... What do you think, will Ketchum make the list for 2024 this year?

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