Has there ever been a time when you're like: "Man, I wish I looked more famous and important than I am!"?

No? Me either... Promise.

Rental services that we didn't know we needed in Idaho...

I firmly believe in the old saying "you don't know what you're missing." Sure, it can be a response to someone who politely turns down a favorite dish; but it can also mean that if you don't know it exists... you'd never miss it.

That's the case today with rental services that I came across on the web. Services that are totally unnecessary but if they existed, they would be absolute grand slams in the Treasure Valley.

Take, for example, our original question about appearing more "famous and important" than we are. There was actually a service that did just that - complete with paparazzi. While their site seems to be inactive today, that business did exist at one point and honestly is one of the most hilarious business ideas I've ever come across.

We found other rental services like that, that don't exist in Boise... but totally should.

Let's get right to it...

100% Real And Bizarre Rental Services That Boise Needs ASAP

Here are seven real rental services that exist (or used to) that we need in Boise.

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Those are some unique rental services for sure but Boise is already home to some services that are also considered "one-of-a-kind." I've got two words for you: cuddle therapy.

Believe it or not, cuddle therapy is prominent in the Treasure Valley and it's a service that is surrounded with questions almost every time it's brought up.

Let's dive into this cozy world of cuddle therapy in Boise...

What You Need to Know About Cuddle Therapy in Idaho

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