Looking to start a new career? Check out what the Meridian Police Department has available, they're accepting applications until March 19th! See what they have available here.

This is pretty cool! In the last year, we've heard a lot more about people being laid off than hired but the Meridian Police Department has some openings. Maybe this one's for you! The Meridian Police Department took to Facebook to share the following post:

"Hey, we are hiring!
🚔We are now accepting applications for lateral and recruit officers until Friday, March 19th.
🚔Visit joinmeridianpd.org for more information!"
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The good thing about working for the police department is you know that's a job that won't go away with technology of the future, there will always be a need for law enforcement and the city of Meridian is growing so quickly, now might be the best time to get your foot in the door and get started in a new career!

So many cool opportunities with the Meridian PD; from police officer to substance abuse prevention, crime analysis, records and more. Now's the time to apply and you should do it before March 19th!

The Meridian Police Department has a special website specifically for posting jobs and giving locals a place to apply, and you can check that out here. They obviously employ a lot of people and have so many departments. I mean, talk about a career with opportunity for growth, right? The sky is the limit with the Meridian Police Department so apply today!


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