Shark Bites are running crazy in Boise live from Joe's Crab Shack! Are you down for seafood, steak, and great drinks by the river? I found your new spot.

Joe's Crab Shack is in an interesting location. This is that place when you're coming off the connector and need to turn around. You will see JCS as you're turning back towards Fairview.

I've been to the shack growing up in Houston but never visited this one. These peeps have it on lock after a newly remodeled boardwalk right down from the Riverside. I heard they plan to extend floating and that would be hot because you could pull right up, have a drink - float on!

Check out some of these photos I took and they taste delicious even if you get the non-alcoholic versions I tasted (I was driving - I'll be back for the real deal.)

You will see the great outdoor patio, sunken bar, gift store, and massive dining in the back. I don't get paid to write this and that's why you might take notice. Great spot if you're looking for some seafood, but this is gonna be a cool Spring/Summer spot.

These photos are in a wet and overcast setting, shot with my iPhone but you get the point.

Joe's Crab Shack

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