The narrative of people in Idaho not wanting people from other states to move here is pretty darn accurate if you judge by comment sections on any social media post regarding Idaho's population growing. However I've never been one to jump on the "Go back to where you came from!" train. But I do find it a little mores understandable when someone moves here and immediately begins to trash it.

Journalist Ben Dreyfuss took to Twitter to rant about Amazon not delivering to his "small town in f*cking Idaho" in a timely manner. The rant was more about Amazon and supply chain issues, but that effing Idaho remark seems a little unnecessary. But he added this little nugget:

"In this town, ain't nothing else! It's Amazon or the wolves get ya in the night! There's a Costco 80 miles away in a town where no one is vaccinated and they cough all over you."

Apparently he lives in Sun Valley, a VERY affluent part of Idaho. Very first world problems to complain the way he is. Maybe the unvaccinated part has some truth to it, but I'm not sure people are actively coughing all over others. The whole rant was full of negative energy, is all.'

On the other hand, if you live somewhere doesn't that give you license to criticize it? Like how you can talk crap about your family because they're your family? I guess that begs the question how long do you have to live somewhere to criticize it as your own.

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