I received several messages about how we celebrated our marriage and where the honeymoon took place. Here's our unique idea of a honeymoon that I thought you might get ideas for or at least enjoy.

It has to be annoying when your (then) boyfriend was always taking pictures of pretty much everything. Take a look at this picture below. This is me dining with Paige and her family back in 2012 at Chandlers in Hotel 43, Downtown Boise. We were a new couple and I was creeping behind bar stools taking pictures of my future wife. Can you blame me? She is stunning.


Fast forward to August 20, 2016 and this time, we would be staying as newlyweds. This isn't something you think about or plan. Let's make no mistake; I knew she was the one I would be marrying without a doubt. I just didn't know we would be staying here together, rings on fingers, and holding hands with a little boy named Lennox, our son.

Kekeluv, Paige and Lennox

We decide to, let me start over real fast. A honeymoon is something you see in movies or hear other people going on over the years. It feels so good to be with someone who really doesn't care about all that and has the same focus as you, our number one priority - our son. Lennox has through more at his little 19 months that most people will endure in a lifetime. We decided to spend our honeymoon with him and right in Boise. I NOW understand that as parents you just think differently, and it all makes sense. I take phone calls every day from moms who will do anything for their kids and dads for their wives. I'm beginning to understand, and I get it.

We decided to do a "Family-Moon", and it started last weekend at Hotel 43. Ahhhhhh, I'm sharing this because it was awesome and so comfortable. We were greeted with excellent valet service, a smiling face upon check-in, and sweet welcome platter in our room.

CONFESSION #1: I feel terrible about admitting this and hope you don't judge. DON'T DO IT! I'm sure YOU took some salt shakers at some place as a kid right? I totally took those Hotel 43 champagne glasses as a sentimental reminder of our Family-Moon. Paige gave me so much crap about this and luckily I was given a free pass. I'll admit we were invited to stay at Hotel 43, but it wasn't till I did some research that I realized those glasses were sent especially for us. Hotel 43 gives these to as part of the package, Cozy Couples Escape.

Make sure to NEVER just book a room without first checking out their specials. Hotel 43 is great about doing all the work for you and when it comes to the guys, we're not exactly good at this. Trust me, always check.

The room we staying in was split into two rooms and the jacuzzi bathtub in the main room was ridiculous! Our son will stand by a sink and turn on and off the faucet for hours if we let him. That's exactly what he did and I think his reaction was, "whooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa." I would suggest this one for couples, it was so cozy with a great view of downtown. Room service was quick and friendly. I like the fact that the front desk staff remembered our son, it was really cute. The Metro Cafe is home to Starbucks including great breakfast to sit or take with you.

The best part of our stay wasn't just the hotel, but the location. We didn't go to Chandler's Steakhouse this time because of our son. We decided to dine in BODO and grab some ice cream from the ONLY Ben and Jerry's in the Treasure Valley.

We plan to do a few more weekends just like this in the Treasure Valley over the Fall. We would love to go to the Oregon coast, Hawaii, or Disneyland. For us, this was an amazing little two-day vacation that completely satisfied our simple little family. Thanks to our friends that donated to our little Family-Moon, part one.

Special thanks to Hotel 43 who invited our family and it was well worth every moment.

Note to guys: Check out the specials that will make you look like a star. The jacuzzi, champagne, and room service would impress anyone. They have several so take a look here, DON'T MESS IT UP!

Here's a few photos from our cute little Family-Moon.