Mark your calendars! We'll be announcing a major upgrade to 103.5 KISS FM at 7 a.m. on Monday, October 23rd. I can't give you all the LUCKY details quite yet, but I can unveil that your luck will never be the same. I guarantee that!

103.5 KISS-FM is a unique radio station that has evolved over the years with a tremendous social following online. The larger KISS-FM has become goes the same for the staffs that operate it. Most of all the talent has moved on to major stations.

  • Hooker in the Morning was our morning host 10 years does mornings in Denver.
  • Nathan Fast who was our night host now hosts mornings in Dallas.
  • Michelle Heart most recently started mornings on KISS-FM with me and she did everything. Michelle has her OWN show on LITE-FM in the morning and she's living her dream.
  • Huggie who was our night/afternoon/imaging host and now works in Portland.
  • Mijo who pretty much did everything on-air and behind the scenes works down the hall from Huggie in Portland.
  • Miggy Santos who did middays for us is now doing mornings in Fresno.
  • Lucky Tha Dj who came to Boise with me, did afternoons/nights and my assistant went to program in a few places including Portland.
  • Chris Cruise most recently took a major opportunity at sister station WOW Country 104.3 and does afternoons. Other jocks have moved on to different career fields.

I'd like to say that it's hard to keep great talent. Sooner or later they want to explore and head to the big city. Some of us have already been there and have decided that the big city can't touch Boise. I'm originally from Houston and the United States Navy brought me to the Northwest stationing me in Bremerton outside Seattle. I could tell you how great those places are, but my heart resides right here in Idaho. This is where I met my wife, had our son, and it's just our home. No ambitions to move. Just dreams to do things bigger 😉

Monday at 7 a.m. we will do just that. We found a way to do the best contests with the most dynamic team. We still need to add more pieces, but we're definitely getting close. Monday we just might rock your world ☘️

Make sure you have downloaded the new Kiss App HERE to stay close to the details as more unfolds. Luck is coming your way!

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