Happy Veteran's Day to the men and women who serve(d) including the families keeping the tradition alive back home. Let me salute a special captain and share some of my memories with photos.

Let us all give our uniformed heroes special thanks. I always say if you see someone in uniform to walk up and thank them. I'm still in awe of some kid out of high school willing to sacrifice his/her life for someone they've never met. It's one thing that we should all be proud of and even more reasons why we should thank them more.

I'd like to salute my captain on board the USS Sacramento AOE-1. I'm watching as the powers of our presidency happen before our eyes and remembered how this my own captain took over command of the SAC. I was younger, much more immature, and still remember this man. He taught me that no job is beneath anyone and to get respect, you had to earn it. I think most officers would tell you that time spent in the military is respect enough. This particular captain didn't command like that, and I respected him for it.

US NAVY Kekeluv LIfe 51

I watched this new captain on our ship get dirty like the rest of us. I took this photo one morning when he lit the boilers before we deployed out to sea. I learned that this was his way of showing the crew that he was one of them. It was small things like this that actually solidified him as a great leader. I became the ship's photographer and public affairs assistant for my last two years and learned a lot from him. His name escapes me and tracking down old info hasn't been easy. I do want to salute him. There are certain people in your life that leave an impression, and this was one of them. He was a good man.

I've put together a list of things for our veteran's today including free dining options and some of my personal military photo albums to share. I served on the USS Sacramento station in Bremerton, Wa with a temporary assignment duty to the USS Abraham Lincoln that was stationed in Alameda, Ca. I met a lot of great people in the deck department leading me to run a radio station. I loved my time in the Navy and that's the reason I'm in the Northwest. I never went back home.

Happy Veteran's Day to everyone out in Mountain Home, the Veteran's who served, the men/women currently serving, and the families who are often forgetton. Those families have arguably the hardest job of all. Enjoy your weekend, and I just wanted to thank you for protecting us both home and abroad. Muah.

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