Tuesday was the kickoff to so many things. It's our annual child abuse prevention campaign, Live for 175. We got to witness some of the true heroes, the first responders.

Check out our galleries that include more than just some photos. I believe there is a story behind each one of these badges.

I'm not oblivious to the political landscape that has pinned us up against each other. I won't use this platform to attack anyone or get into a political battle. Let me say that I can only go off of my own experiences in this great state.

I remember when taking on the crazy task of running 7 marathons in 7 days and the police shutting down streets allowing us to run through. I've seen the Ada County Sherriff's office jump on these bikes and offer assistance to anyone.

I will forever be in debt to the first responders that showed up at our doorsteps to save our son. Our family loves the first responders including our nurses that continue to check-in on our little Lennox.

Check out these snaps and we'll call it gallery number one from Tuesday.

Live for 175 - 2018 - Day Four


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