If you've got any travel plans in your future, or will be flying from the Boise Airport after October 1st of 2020, you'll need to put something on your to-do list.

Beginning October 1, 2020, you will need a Star Card, U.S. Passport, military identification (ID), or some other form of federally accepted ID to board a flight or access a federal building.

What this means? Your regular issued drivers license will no longer work to board flights. If you don't have a passport, or don't want to bring it just to board your domestic flight to Denver, Seattle or Portland, you'll need to get the Star Card.

I've heard about the card over the past few years but haven't gotten one myself. I thought it was a completely different card just for flying, but really it's just your regular license with the star in it.

You don't need to take a test or do anything too big to get the Star Card. But there is a list of documents you'll need to bring to the driver license issuance location when you apply for the Star Card. I was pretty surprised at everything you need in order to prove your identity and where you live.

Click here to find out what you'll need based on what you have. There are different options for different types of citizens.

For me, I know I'll need to bring my passport, unlaminated social security card and two forms of proof of physical address like my mortgage or deed along with a utility bill. The hardest part on that is that I have e-bills for everything (we save paper and recycle in my household! We is me, I live alone) and I have no clue where my social security card would be. I'll be spending a few hours getting my life together this weekend to find those.

Again, you don't need to have the Star Card unless you're planning to fly or access a federal building without a passport or other approved identification past October 1, 2020. But I'd say it's probably better to get it now before everyone rushes to get it next September. I'm giving myself a deadline of next Friday.


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