If you live, work or spend anytime in downtown Boise, i'm sure you've seen the capitol building lit up in lights, at some point over the years.  Whether to celebrate a special day day or month like Breast Cancer awareness or other causes, or because of a national tragedy, to show respect, it's just part of the capitol footprint. One such occasion, in the past, has been to celebrate Pride month for the LGBTQ community.  You drive past the capitol, lit up in rainbow colors.

In the future, you won't see those colors anymore.  In order to avoid having to light up the capitol for events and causes that some in charge, deem as controversial or political, no more applications will be accepted to light the capitol up for any reason.  This appears to be a way to avoid certain causes without appearing to discriminate.  So instead of picking and choosing, all requests will be denied.

According to the story from Idaho News, this change actually occurred last year, but is now affecting things like Pride, that have traditionally been allowed to light the capitol building.

This sort of seems like, one bad apple ruins it for the rest of us.  It seems like it's harder and harder to recognize certain things, because it's always going to offend someone.

We might not have the lights, but 103.5 KISS FM will be at Pride, the parade and flying our Pride flag!  More info to come on how you can join us!

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