Live for 175 tackles the problems as a victim and hopefully helps you get to the survivor portion. What's that mean? Become a survivor and you're ready to move past your blame. This is the moment where you start living again with NO fear.

This woman came up and I immediately recognized her. I remember listening to her tragic story a few years ago. You had to be careful how you moved because she would jump. She wasn't a hugger and didn't really want you to get too close. Understand that abused victims don't want to be touched and I forget that sometimes. I immediately know when I look at them and feel the reaction.

We will never understand. I will never judge to try and feel what is felt by these abused individuals. I just feel terrible that someone has done this. That brings me to this wonderful moment.

This amazing little lady walked up, sat with me, and discussed her last year. OMG! I couldn't be happier. She has a support group, got rid of the toxic people in her life, has a boyfriend who seems so incredibly nice, and SHE has a gift.

That's just the beginning. I bought this blue Lokai bracelet that signifies your hi and lows. I went to hand it over and she said, "I have already received a gift from you and I cherish it."



I bought this cross to send to my mom and for some reason I never did. I gave this to the woman a year ago and it's a cross that you can grip on your hand. She pulled it out and said, "You gave this to me. I've held it ever since and truly cherished it."

I was almost in tears. Humbled. Proud. Inspired. This lady had moved on and is looking so much better now that she found support. She handed me that cross and I had forgotten. She didn't. You couldn't even read the inscription anymore and the lust had worn off. That means she used it.

The story doesn't end there and the rest is very special and inspiring. She presented me with a small plastic container with two decks of cards. Each card had a message with different meanings in each stack. This bubbly little lady wants to market and sell these cards to help people get over their situations. I'll stop there because it's her idea.

Live For 175 - Survivor Thoughts

My point of this blog is to show you that no matter how bad the situation is, you can prevail. It might not be pretty or the most organized exit. You might feel at the end of your ropes hanging on by a small thread. My message is you can do it. The message from several listeners over the years is,

You can do it. Take your life back and break the cycle. Most people don't rebound until they've addressed their abuse and gotten out of it. Find someone to confide in and start the process of dealing with those demons. You have to face them first.

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