It's a story that seems like something that could only happen here in Boise. One of the greatest things about living in this city is that the Treasure Valley truly does seems to be so much "more" than a city--more often than not, we're a community always looking out for one another. It's a unique place for us to call home and for a local group of Girl Scouts-- a rotten incident has turned into both a relief and a pretty great story.

According to Channel 2 News, a traffic accident on I-84 near the Broadway exit in Boise resulted in a loss of several Girl Scout cookies. The car crash sent several boxes of Girl Scout cookies all over the freeway meaning the money that was sure to be raised from their sale was now essentially gone.

The Boise Fire Department who responded to the crash that day, knew they had to do something. Their response? To donate the worth of those boxes that went to waste (144 boxes, to be exact), back to the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council.

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