Life is now complete There is nothing like a quick hot and ready from Little Caesars Pizza. The only problem is you have to go in to grab your order. Not that it's a big issue but this is just where we are heading into 2020.

Little Caesars has decided to stop fighting what statistics are telling us all over the country. People just don't wanna deal with standing in lines anymore. Yes, we'd rather just text, send an emoji and open our door

CEO of the country's third-largest pizza chain has finally gotten the message. David Scrivano told The Wall Street Journal that Little Caesars will not open up the door for delivery and not just pick-up. I don't mind picking up because they just rapid-fire those pies and there's typically one ready to roll. You don't even have to do that anymore coming this year.

The favorite pizza chain has teamed up with DoorDash to make sure you get those hot and ready on your doorsteps. There's even a perk if you dial up for Little Caesars. There is no minimum charge. That means you don't have to order more just to get that meal. There isn't a special menu either dedicated to delivery.

This is good news for all of us but when does it start? Keep checking your DoorDash for more information. This is definitely a game-changer!

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