Well, life continues to change, for the better. Since the introduction of the newest member of the family "Phoenyx Ivy Stewart" everything has a new refreshed light. Common things are the same yet different. Yearly celebrations take on different meanings, different excitements and different highlights through the eyes of a father.

Not too long ago there were only two questions I needed answered on Halloween. What do I dress up as? Where do I drink? Ahhh the simple life.

Halloween 2012 #wakaflocka flame and #GreenDay

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Halloween 2017 is the first year experiencing the holiday as a father. It definitely brought back some memories. Being accustomed to spending Halloween in a bar, I seemed to have forgotten the energy of a neighborhood decked out in Halloween gear. The excitement of dressing up as your favorite superhero or the joy of getting some candy in your bag. All of those childhood memories awakened watching my daughter go out for the first time.


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