Mental health: important.

Physical health: important.

What are you doing about both of these things? Well, that isn't a loaded question meant to put you in the hot seat but it IS a rhetorical question that I believe we should all be asking ourselves from time to time. We can't rely on other people to be checking in on us--plus, only we really know the answer to that. It's time to get honest.

While studying at Gonzaga University, a major pillar to the Jesuit education system is called "Cura Personalis", or "Care For The Whole Self".  In college, this translated to holistic care for the mind, body, and spirit.  I thought I was busy in college--well, the joke is on me now. I don't have to tell you that adulting is just a whole different level.

For about three years now, I've been making Kvell Fitness & Nutrition a piece of my routine. Some weeks more than others--yet on those weeks that I don't make Kvell a keystone to how I operate, I'm always a little bit grumpier than when I do. That's when I realized--two of those three aspects of my self--body AND mind, are easily cared for in my time at Kvell Fitness & Nutrition.  Sometimes those workouts "hurt so good" and as I walk back to my car, sweating and out of breath--I realize just how much better my mind is walking out than it was walking in. It's a real thing.

I don't have to tell you that obviously some exercise and movement is good for your whole being. But I can tell you that after a year of "quarantine" I think we all need a little self-care in the form of movement more than ever.

Can I invite you to Kvell to experience the difference?

Your first month is only $1. I promise, it will be the best dollar you have ever spent. They do it all--from fitness coaching to nutrition guidance. There are also fully virtual options available as well.

Start YOUR self care, HERE.


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