The message to march reached Boise on Saturday and women, men, and children showed up in the thousands downtown Boise. Take a look at some photos from the Treasure Valley march and amazing photos you might not have seen yet.

Women's March In Amsterdam
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I heard someone say,

when women get behind each other in force, they can't be stopped.

"THE RESISTANCE." I watch Star Wars with my son on repeat so that term stands out. According to KTVB, a reported 6000 people showed up to march down the snowy streets of downtown Boise.

've talked to several women, and it's amazing the difference in opinions when you ask. Some people think it's about President Trump, abortion, Planned Parenthood, women's rights, and some just don't agree thinking it's an anti-Trump movement.

I choose to look at it from another place today, and that's, a point of view. I don't know where I heard this quote and I apologize if I'm not giving you the correct credit,

In order to fully understand a person's perspective, you have to put on their shoes and walk in them.

Saturday's march was much larger than you might think. I don't celebrate a certain political figure, but I do celebrate these women. I give them a standing ovation for the criticism they come up against standing for what they believe. The phrase, "I'm with HER" was on signs across the country and along Hillary Clinton's campaign trail. If I had a sign it would say, "I'm with THEM." Women are the most powerful people in the world and when they team up in numbers...better get on board brother!

I was listening to a guy say,

Get over it already liberals! Or whatever you are! You lost! Quit being a sore loser!

That is both comical and disappointing. Women have been abused, treated like objects since well before I was born and it happened during this election. I wouldn't understand because of my male white privilege (yes I said it.) I will never comprehend or feel the wrath of discrimination as a straight white man living in Idaho. This is something that most won't discuss, but it's understanding the truth that will fully give you perspective. You don't have to agree and by the way, that's okay. I won't hate you. Just don't hate me. Don't discredit them. Stand up for what you believe and let them do the same without tearing down their emotion that they marched on.

Later today I will be posting up an interview that I did with the two local teens. First, here's the photos that you probably didn't see and some photos of the celebrities speaking out.


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