Is it finally happening? One U.S. senator is pushing forward to make it so.

Senator Cory Booker is pushing forward what he's calling the "Marijuana Justice Act" which would legalize marijuana on a federal level, meaning it would be legal from coast to coast. Why? The former New Jersey Mayor explains:

You see these marijuana arrests happening so much in our country, targeting certain communities — poor communities, minority communities — targeting people with an illness.

Booker wants to put an end to unnecessary marijuana-related arrests, and his act would even grant a second hearing to some criminals currently serving time stemming from marijuana-related incidents.

So, is this actually possible? It's currently a stretch, seeing that we're in a Republican controlled congress, and our sitting Attorney General Jeff Sessions believes that marijuana is in the same category as heroin (spoiler, it's not). This doesn't mean Booker's act won't pass, it just makes things difficult.

Regardless of your opinion on the legalization of marijuana, it's hard to argue with how much money states like Washington and Oregon have collected since legalizing. Would be a great way to fix all those potholes on Vista, wouldn't it?


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