Every Monday Cruise & Box read Missed Connections from the Boise Craigslist. Did you run into a cutie floating the river? Trying to connect with a long lost love? You might be in Boise Missed Connections!

Here’s some of the strangest Missed Connections we spotted this week:

Beautiful Women (Boise) - M4W

To all the beautiful women finally able to float the river and that use the greenbelt. It was nice to see all the beautiful people shapes and sizes! I am way to shy to say hi to any of you! Thank you


Sleeping Under The Stars By The Lake At Caldwell Campground & RV Park - M4W

You were asleep when I was walking my dog on Friday morning. You were in, mostly your sleeping bag but your butt was sticking out and you were wearing purple pants. Your sleeping bag was either green or gold. You have long red hair. When we walked back my dog woke you up and I pulled him away from you. I waved and said "hello". You hesitated to acknowledge me, so I said "hello" again, then you waved back. I thought of asking if I could make you breakfast but I did not get a good look at you. I could not tell if you were homeless or attractive. I wish I had offered to cook you breakfast. I had a lot to eat and I know you were roughing it. If you actually read this and reply I will accept it in wonderment. :-D


To The Guys Playing Guitar/Banjo Downtown (Fatty's) - W4MM

You are both worthless pieces of crap. My friend and I were downtown celebrating her bachelorette party, and you decided to take advantage of both of us. You said you'd pay for our drinks - so we ordered two for us, and two for you - and once they were poured, you turned around and said you didn't have the money, when neither of us had the wherewithal to object. When we went to the bathroom, you made your exit. If I ever see you again, I'm taking that guitar and/or banjo and smashing it on the ground - and you'll be lucky if that's all I do.

Can't get enough missed connections? We totally understand. They're completely addictive. Looking for that long lost love from the other night? Peruse our previous Boise Missed Connections and see if that special someone pops up for you!

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