According to the latest research most Idahoans will be watching the battle between the Panthers and Broncos in the comfort of their own living room.  Here's how to make the most cash on the "squares pool" at your party!

If you're not familiar with "squares" it's a game that looks like a lot like a bingo board with the numbers "0-10" randomly assigned across one row for the Panthers and one column for the Broncos.  Those numbers represent the last digit in the score for each team at the end of a quarter and the game.  The person's name who is in that square is the winner of the cash pot designated by the party host.

For example:  If the score is Panthers 17, Broncos 0 at the end of the first quarter the person that's in the square where 7 and 0 intersect wins some money.  Pretty easy right?

So which squares do you want to fight to get your name in?  According to Quant Facts, these are the best squares to pick for Superbowl 50.

  • Carolina: 1, 4 or 7
  • Denver: 7, 4 or 0
  • Best Overall Numbers: 0, 7, 4 or 3
  • Worst Overall Numbers: 2 or 5

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