We often times hear about the West Nile Virus warnings and sometimes there will be a case or two but this is a reality.  The number one way to contract the West Nile Virus is through a mosquito and Canyon County officials just announced that mosquitos collected from the Parma area are infected with the virus.

The Canyon County Mosquito Abatement District Director Ed Burnett says the mosquitos were collected from the area of Hexon Road and Scott Pitt Road on Friday afternoon.  The last time this virus was detected this early in the season was 2006.  That's the year that more than 1,000 people were infected and 23 died.  Most of those cases reported came out of the Canyon County area.

  • DRAIN any standing water on your property that may cause mosquitos and remember do not over irrigate.
  • DAWN and DUSK are times to avoid outdoors.
  • DRESS appropriately by wearing long sleeve shirts and long pants when outdoors.
  • DEFEND yourself against mosquitoes by using an insect repellant.
  • DOOR and window screens should be in good conditions to prevent mosquitos from entering your home.
  • DISTRICT personnel is here to help address mosquito problems that you may be experiencing.

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