West Nile again? I literally had to look that virus up because it's been so long. I was just reading all the alarming cases of Measles which has surpassed anyone's projection for cases in the United States.

I was driving around and received the alert from KTVB with the caption BREAKING: West Nile found in Canyon County mosquitoes. What does this mean?

This comes out of Parma where they tested mosquitoes that came up positive for West Nile Virus. That doesn't mean anyone has been impacted but it does mean this exists. This sounds like a routine test that brought back earlier than expected results. I wonder if this is odd due to the lower temperatures this year. I'm not sure but these mosquitoes tested "very high" for the virus.

What's this really mean for us? I'm not a specialist but it goes without saying to be cautious. I'm sure we'll hear more as we move closer to Summer and more testing comes back. I'd say don't be shocked to find cases pop up if this early testing is coming back positive. They plan to kill off these mosquitoes by fogging in the night hours. I remember growing up in Houston where this was a nightly deal. There is nothing like one of those huge mosquito trucks rolling through your neighborhood - terrible!

I know this might be inconvenient but here's how to protect yourself.

  • Wear long sleeves and no shorts!
  • Use repellant
  • Close the door!! (to my son)
  • Use screen doors to limit inside penetration
  • Don't go out late when they thrive or early when sun is coming up


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