After Saturday's crash, there are many unanswered questions.

We now know exactly what police are investigating, and we have a statement from the organizers of the event.

KBOI reports that after the accident, Boise Police had officers on the scene who are experts in recreating crashes by taking measurements and calculations. They also spoke with witnesses, reviewed eyewitness video, and collected additional data.

According to Lt. Charlie Lebar, Boise PD have not concluded what exactly casued the crash:

...from the investigation that they are doing, I guess it would be based on the videos that have gone around, the car was going too fast. Whether it was a mechanical failure or an issue with the driver, I don't know.

As of this writing, no charges have been filed against the driver. We're hearing he's fully cooperating with police during the investigation.




Since the tragic accident on Saturday, many have been left wondering who to blame. Fingers have been pointed at the event's host, Cars and Coffee Boise. In my personal opinion, it's imperative that you read the group's statement regarding the accident before you pass judgement:



There's been no word yet on future events for Cars and Coffee Boise.

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