If only we could be so lucky. I often daydream about winning millions on a scratch-off or hitting the lottery. Come to think of it, I wouldn't even need millions. I'd be thrilled with 100K just like Nampa's newest lottery winner did over the weekend!

Maria Torres Malua stopped a Stinker store in Nampa on her way home Friday night to get some 7-Up for her husband who was not feeling well. She also decided to buy some scratch game lottery tickets.

Lucky Jackpot Super Ticket is an oversized scratch game that features five different games on a single card. Each ticket is $10 and the top prize for the game is $100,000.

When Maria got home she scratched the ticket and quickly scanned the bar code with the Idaho Lottery’s Check-a-Ticket app.


I could only imagine that moment of realizing you won a pretty large amount of money. Though $100,000 isn't enough to retire off of (not even enough to completely buy a house) it's still enough to start saving for retirement.

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