Tuesday is national Un-Turkey Day in front of the million turkey preparations for Thanksgiving. I found a special celebration of burgers around the country and for half price! Think about it if you're a burger establishment. Nobody is buying burgers especially with the famous after Thanksgiving meal, Turkey sandwiches Time for a sale!

You would be surprised at how many different variations of Thanksgiving meals exist. I grew up with the traditional turkey, stuffing, ham, and the pies. THAT is what I thought everyone had till I moved away from home entering the Navy. I spent several holiday meals on board the USS Sacramento and USS Abraham Lincoln. I remember dining with a cook in the Navy with his family and there was chitlins on the menu. In Memphis, Spaghetti was the rage. My wife's family will serve up a masterpiece with a heavy emphasis on about 4-5 different dressings.

I've never been the leftover turkey kind of guy and I'm beginning to think I'm the only one. I could easy every type of stuffing, but no more turkey.

Tuesday, November 21, Sonic is paying tribute to the almighty cheeseburger. Enjoy 1/2 price cheeseburgers all day as we make way for turkey overload.

Thanksgiving Hours - Sonic will be open on Thursday, but not till later in the day.

  • 4 p.m - 11 p.m.


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