A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you the plea from Valley County to PLEASE stay home and not visit until the stay at home order is lifted.

Now, Valley County officials are asking once again-- PLEASE stay home.

Along with this next plea from the Valley County Board of County Commissioners has come a major announcement: all short-term rentals, hotels/motels, and RV parks in Valley County are temporarily closed until May 15th, 2020.

Despite the plea from County Commissioners a couple of weeks ago, folks from all over the state are still traveling into McCall, Cascade, and surrounding cities to recreate. While we love that area, Idaho-- it's time to be responsible.  One of the major concerns? The McCall hospital only has 15 staffed hospital beds. Those beds have got to be ready and available for any sort of coronavirus situations.

Ada County commissioner Diana Lachiondo spoke out to us here in the Treasure Valley, too, encouraging everyone to please just stay at home.



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