You've got to be pretty brave to run this race, and I don't just mean brave enough to tackle the challenge of running it, in this race you strip all the way down to your skivvies! 

The Streak to the Peak nude race is a 4.6 K race that goes down September 8th at the very fitting Bare Mountain Retreat, which is a family-oriented nudist club about 30 minutes outside of Boise.

According to an article on, it's the most challenging nude race in the country.

In the inaugural race last year, about 40 people were willing to get naked to take on the challenge.

Organizers of the race say clothing is optional, but last year only two participants chose to wear any type of clothing at all!

If you are interested in taking on Streak to the Peak, here's the deal.

  • $25 entry fee for Bare Mountain Members
  • $35 entry fee for guests
  • September 8, 2019

Participants get a commemorative sarong, a pre-race dinner, post-race lunch, grounds fee for both Saturday and Sunday and it includes water volleyball. (No word on whether that will be played in the nude or not!) To sign up,  just click the link below!

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