Game of Thrones may hog up all the limelight when Season 5 premieres this Sunday night, but these two acclaimed series are ready to bring it for their new seasons! Check out what to expect this season!

Orange Is The New Black

The Ladies of Litchfield have their loyalties tested and have to figure out who they can keep in a circle of trust as Season 3 begins.  You can binge watch the entire new season on Netflix starting June 12th.

True Detective

Matthew  McConaughey and Woody Harrelson made the first season of True Detective one of the most critically acclaimed series in HBO history.  In Season 2, Colin Firth, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams take over the leading roles.  The new season beings June 21st on HBO.

Game of Thrones

And of course, I'll just drop leave this Game of Thrones preview here because Sunday night's premiere on HBO is expected to be the most illegally pirated episode of a TV show of all time.  Experts estimate the show has been pirated 116,000 per day over three months.