Idaho's neighbor to the west is experiencing an economy boom following legalizing marijuana and some young entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the new businesses. 

One of the skills Girl Scout cookie sales aim to teach young women is how to handle money and make decisions.  They learn about how to make their own living and how to spend it wisely.  Essentially they're teaching your daughters to become young entrepreneurs.

And that's exactly what one scout in Portland did over the weekend.  She took marketing her "business" into her own hands when she set up her cookie booth outside Foster Buds Marijuana Dispensary with a sign targeting the store's clients.  It read "Satisfy Your Munchies."

Her aunt supervised the sale and said the Girl Scouts organization doesn't condone this type of ingenuity but it's not against the rules.  A rep for the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington told KATU-TV that it's not recommended that a minor sell their cookies in front of a premise that they cannot enter without an adult.

In case you're wondering, the scout exceeded her goal of selling 35 boxes that day and the shop's employees loved having her there.

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