This is just one of many galleries to come as the photos continue to come in. I'd expect they'll all be uploaded by the end of the day. These are just my favorite Pitbull photos that I took during the show.

There were so many people attending this show I kind of stayed in the same area. I wished I would have gone out in the crowd but it was hectic out there playa! There could have been over 50,000 in attendance and you don't wanna get lost there.

Pitbull brought out the roses and we know most women love flowers 🌹 I remember LL Cool J brought his out during Boise Music Festival #3. These men know the way to a women's heart no doubt!

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

The majority of our listeners are women and it's great when the artist understands that. LL Cool J and Pitbull are veteran's to the music game and there's a reason why ladies still love them 💯


BMF Pitbull Gallery Two

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