Struggling to get through the first full work day following Daylight Saving Time? Here's a reason to get excited! 

If trying to do your hair and make-up for work today felt like a long ride on the struggle bus, don't're not alone.  I kept bargaining with myself for just "5 more minutes" every time my alarm went off.  The only thing that got me out of bed was knowing I could have a cup of coffee when I got to the station.  Unfortunately, I walked into to the break room to find out that someone completely ignored my name and my note to "don't even think about using this" that I'd written on my creamer.  The bottle was close to empty. When you're dragging from the time change, that makes for the worst day ever.

It's been proven that the first Monday after the spring forward time change brings an increased risk of heart attacks, traffic accidents and a mild case of jet lag that can take three work days to shake. Other than going to bed earlier, experts recommend getting outside and taking advantage of the extra of sunshine as a way to combat sluggishness.  This beginning of this weeks serves up the prefect weather to do exactly that!

According to KTVB meteorologist, Larry Gebert, Tuesday's predicted high is 71º. That could come very close to the 26 year-old record high of 73º set in 1992.  Now that the sun sets around 7:47 p.m., take advantage of the nice (and dry weather) today and tomorrow.  A storm system moves into the Valley on Wednesday bringing rain and dropping temps back down to the mid-50s (the average for this time of year.)

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